Will I Fail My MOT for a Cracked Windscreen?

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When it comes to checking whether a vehicle is functioning properly and in good working order, the windscreen is the one part that often gets overlooked. But when it gets chipped or scratched, it can alter your driving experience. Depending on where the damage has occurred, it will also result in MOT failure. Here is some information about the importance of windscreen repair or replacement.

For your MOT

For the purposes of MOT, the car’s screen is divided into two areas; the condition of the windscreen as well as the wipers. If the washers don’t provide liquid to clear the screen, your MOT can fail. This can be in conjunction with missing wiper blades, or if the wipers are in such position that your view of the road is distorted.

Similarly, if the windscreen is cracked or chipped, with the maximum damage size being on in the driver’s line of vision, or in the area swept by the wipers, then you won’t be able to get an MOT pass certificate. In fact, even the smallest chip within the driver’s line of vision could be an immediate MOT failure.

Repairing your windscreen


When repairing your windscreen, you should consider the depth of the damage, its type, and the position. Modern windscreens are made of specially laminated glass so if your old windscreen’s cracks exceed the permitted limit of 61 cm for repairing purposes, you should opt for glass replacement. Only cracked chips and circular breaks can be repaired successfully without the need to replace the glass. If the cracks appear very close to windscreen frame however, you probably won’t be able to get them repaired at all.

Before your MOT


Before your MOT assessment is due, it’s important to carry out the necessary windscreen repairs. As not all windscreen chips or cracks can be repaired, it is worth replacing the entire glass prior to an MOT inspection. Remember that if your windscreen has been repaired, the MOT inspector will carry out an inspection of the new screen to ensure it allows clear vision and meets the necessary safety regulations.

What happens if I drive without an MOT?


In the UK, it is an offence to drive without an MOT, and the penalty can be up to £1,000. You may also invalidate your car insurance and receive 6 to 8 penalty points. Cars that are older than 3 years will also need a valid MOT pass certificate in order to be allowed on the road.

Worried about the cost?


If you’re worried about the cost of repair for your damaged windscreen, you should know that depending on your insurance cover, you might be able to get the repair done for free. The cost is normally 60 per cent less than the cost of replacement and it won’t even affect your no-claims bonus.

However, if your insurance company doesn’t cover the cost of repairs, it is important to employ the services of a professional auto glass replacement company that also specialises in windscreen repairs. Chips and cracks can normally be repaired if they are no longer than 10mm in length and 40mm on the wiper blades’ swept area. It is still worth getting the advice of a reputable firm before taking your car to an MOT inspection centre.

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Repair your windscreen before your MOT, call 0800 072 2786