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Winter Checklist

In preparation for using your car over the winter period, it’s imperative to carry out a series of checks on the vehicle to ensure it will cope with the change in temperature and different driving conditions. Take a look at the checklist below to ensure you stay safe on the roads during your winter trips.

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Thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of your windscreen to reduce the risk of being blinded by the sun whilst driving.

Solution: Make sure the windscreen solution is topped up with de-icer solution.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens

Antifreeze levels

Top up your antifreeze levels with 50% water, 50% antifreeze solution until it meets the ‘full’ line in the bottle.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens


Test that your car battery has enough power by checking its charge with a voltmeter.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens

Fuel levels

Make sure you have enough petrol or diesel in your car before a long journey.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens


Test that both the interior and exterior lights are working as they should be, and that the headlights are fully aligned. Remember to clean these lights regularly and carry spare bulbs in case of an emergency.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens


Check the air pressure at least every two weeks during the winter period and make sure the tread depth is a minimum of 3mm.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens


Apply polish or Vaseline to the rubber door seals to prevent the doors from freezing shut, and squeeze a small amount of WD-40 into the locks to stop them from becoming stiff.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens


Check the condition of your brakes regularly to ensure they are working properly.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens


Make sure your exhaust is in top working order and that there are no leaks coming from your exhaust.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens


Test your defrosters and heaters before a journey to make sure they are working properly.

Winter Checklist - Motorway Windscreens

Motorway Windscreens

Plummeting temperatures can cause minor chips and cracks on your windscreen to quickly worsen. At Motorway Windscreens, we specialise in windscreen repairs and replacements for a wide range of cars and vans, as well as fleet and commercial vehicles, ensuring that you stay safe on the roads during the winter period. For further information or to book an appointment with one of our fully trained technicians, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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Well done! You have completed our checklist. Have a safe journey!

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