I have a cracked windscreen, now what ?

You have noticed a crack in your windscreen! But what can you do now?

Well dont panic and just ring Motorway Windscreens on any of the numbers in the website.

We will ask for your registration number, this will enable us to start a quote on the computer, so that even if you ring back later, we can find your quote instantly.

Our aim is to get you quoted as quickly and correctly as possible.

From your registration number we can identify the make and model of car. We then will need to ask a few questions to determine the type of glass fitted. Such features as heated windscreen, rain sensors, ADAS cameras all affect the cost of glass. We must ensure we fit the correct glass to your vehicle so that all of your functions work correctly.

The next available appointment will be offered to you at a mutually  convenient time.

On the day of your appointment the windscreen tech will ring you approximately one hour before arrival.

All we ask is that you are ready with the keys. We need to be able to get our van near your vehicle as that’s where all the tools are to carry out the replacement. We need to be able to get the bonnet up, with enough room to work at the front and need enough room for the doors to open fully.

It really is that simple, just leave us to it. Your tech will inspect the glass to make sure it is undamaged and correct before proceeding to remove your old glass. Take a look at the video to see the full process of Windscreen replacement.

CXlick on the video below to take you to the video section of the website

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