What type of windscreen do i have ?

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How do i know what type of windscreen i have ?

Are all windscreens the same for all any one make of car?

What options are there for my cars windscreen ?

Will you bring the right glass for my car ?

These are all viable questions that you might ask yourself when choosing a windscreen company.

Here at Motorway Windscreens, we understand the frustration of having to call for a windscreen replacement. We also understand that you have probably never taken any notice of the functions on your windscreen.

There are so many variables and some that you probably don’t know are part of your windscreen.


Plain screens are normally slightly tinted green glass. It will have a black painted edge round the edges of the glass and possibly some back painted dots. The interior mirror is generally fitted to the glass , sliding onto a “mirror boss”, and a new mirror boss is already glued on to the new glass ready to accept your interior mirror


A lot of windscreens now come with rain and light sensors. These are fitted to the glass usually underneath the interior mirror. You are able to set the lights onto the automatic setting, denoted by “A” or “Auto” and they will come on automatically when it detects that the light outside  is getting dark. The rain sensor is set by flicking the wiper stalk onto the 1st setting “intermittent” and the wipers will come on as soon as they detect rain on the glass. Some rain sensors change the wiper speed depending on how fast or heavy the rain is.


Most newer cars now have a camera fitted to the screen, as well as the rain sensor and interior mirror. These cameras are recognisable by a triangular cut out in the black shaded area near the interior mirror. The camera can be for many things, mostly driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning or traffic sign recognition. here is some more information on ADAS systems https://www.a1-windscreens.co.uk/adas-calibration/


A lot of Fords and Land Rovers come with heated screens that can be switched on the defrost ice quickly in the winter.


Your car could have any of the variables listed above. If you aren’t sure what type of windscreen you have we have a few resources available to us to identify the correct one, all we need is your registration number and for you to answer some simple questions or possibly send a photo.

We endeavour to come to you with the exact windscreen type that you require, first time.

Get in touch with us now to arrange the correct replacement windscreen https://www.a1-windscreens.co.uk/types-of-replacement-windows/