Camera Calibration

Adas Camera Calibration

Do you know if your car has got Lane Departure Warning (LDW) or Lane Keep Assist (LKA)?

Did you know that this is activated by a camera fitted to the inside of your windscreen?

So when your windscreen is replaced , the camera is carefully removed. It is refitted onto a special bracket on your new windscreen .

There are so many variables to your newly fitted windscreen that it cant be guaranteed that the camera is in exactly the same place as it was. Thickness of adhesive bead, make of glass and placement all play a part

No one, can give any guarantee that this camera is fitted exactly where it was at the same angle. Therefore it might not be “seeing” everything that it should be, at the correct time, to activate the warnings in the car.

If the camera is 1mm away from where is should be, then it can potentially be metres out at the focal area . This makes it both ineffective , and dangerous.

Other modules fitted to the vehicle rely on can signals sent from the camera, such as ABS and steering.

It is of paramount importance that the camera is calibrated to its potential new position, straight after windscreen replacement. Camera calibration is the only way to guarantee full functionability

Motorway Windscreens has the specialist OE Equipment and the relevant training and qualification (IMI:AOM 230) to carry out this exact recalibration

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