US President Vs UK Prime Minister’s Motorcade

As arguably one of the most controversial presidents the world has ever seen, one of Donald Trump’s latest questionable decisions has been to cancel a visit to the UK which was scheduled in for later this month. During this visit, Trump was due to open a new US embassy which is moving from Mayfair to Nine Elms in London, although he changed his mind in the middle of January, describing the sale of the current embassy on Twitter as a ‘bad deal’ as – he believes – it was sold for ‘peanuts’.

Although he opted against travelling to the UK this month, he is still scheduled in to visit Theresa May later on in the year for his official state visit. A man known for extravagance and grandiose, Trump certainly doesn’t do things by halves – even his procession of vehicles when he’s out and about may be considered by many to be the epitome of self-indulgence. While May usually travels with a police car, roadrunner, support vehicle, stagecoach and 4 police motorbikes, not to be outdone, Trump travels with over 4 times this number, with 34 vehicles present to escort him between places.

Source – Motorway Windscreens