Leaking Windscreen

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Leaking Windscreen

Leaking windows are a nuisance.

The most common cause is a poorly fitted windscreen after a previous replacement, or bodywork damage.

There are a couple of ways that a leaking windscreen can be spotted. The most obvious, is visible water ingress, where you can see water dripping or running.

The less obvious is windows misted up with condensation. Condensation is caused by cold (outside) air, meeting warm (inside the vehicle) air. This is generally caused by a very small gap in the glue that the windscreen is fitted with or poorly fitted rubber seals.

Leaking windscreens can cause costly damage to your vehicle in many ways . Leaking windows allow the car interior to become damp, which can result in mould. Mould is unsightly and smelly and if left, the spores can be dangerous to health.

If a leaking window is allowing water to penetrate the inside of the vehicle, it will always run to the lowest point. It will run down the inside of internal trims until it gets to the floor. This is where the water stays, until detected, rotting your carpet and soundproofing. If left for long enough, the water ingress has the possibility of damaging paintwork and causing internal rusting. On the leaks journey it also has the possibility to damage internal, and often costly, electrics

With this in mind. it is always worth getting a leaking windscreen checked out as soon as it is noticed before further damage is caused.

At Motorway Windscreens, we offer  leak detection and rectification. A simple water test is required to determine the cause of the leak.

There is no magic cure to fix a water leak. The only sure fire way, is to start again, to remove and refit the windscreen, or whichever window it is, that is leaking.

This comes with a risk though, of the glass breaking or being damaged upon removal.

We, at Motorway Windscreens use the very best tools and procedures, whilst employing fully trained and qualified technicians, so the chances of damaged glass is minimal, but there is still a risk.

Once the windscreen has been removed, we are able to determine where the water was coming through.

Our technicians will then prepare the aperture, following the correct procedure, and refit your window. Once we have removed and refitted your window, we offer the same guarantee as we do with our new windscreen replacement service.

Rest assured, that if you have a leaking window, and trust Motorway Windscreens to solve the problem, there will no longer be a leak from the window that we have removed and refitted. That is our promise, and guarantee.

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