How to Replace Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen wipers: a hard working yet underappreciated part of all motor vehicles, keeping our vision clear on rainy days to help us stay as safe as possible on the roads. However, like all parts of a vehicle, they are not invincible and they can break after excessive usage. This article will inform you on how to replace your windscreen wipers so you can do it yourself, rather than having to pay for a professional to do it for you.

Ideally, windscreen wipers should be replaced at least every two years. When the time comes to replace them, you will probably notice that they are not as efficient in cleaning your windscreen as they used to be. If a particularly cold winter is approaching or has just passed, you may want to consider replacing them earlier. Check them regularly to see if the natural wear has increased.

1When you get your new wiper blades, check that they are packaged with the plastic attachment that allows you to fix the wiper blades onto the wiper arm. If not, don’t worry – they are easily found in hardware and vehicle shops.

2Pull the wiper arm up, and it should also pull away from the windscreen – it will stick out and the wiper blade will be easy to remove.

3Look for an attachment that is located near to the centre of the blade. In most cases, there will be a hook which means you can just lift the blade off. Alternatively, there may be some security tabs that need to be pressed together in order to slide the blade straight off.

4The aforementioned tab or hook, if still working, should be able to be attached to the new blade. If this is not possible, your new blades should have their own hooks or tabs supplied with them, which are easily attached.

Once you have fitted the attachments, it is important that you ensure the blades are fixed on in the right way. For certain vehicles, the left and right blades can vary in terms of size and shape so be careful to ensure you have attached them correctly.

6Once you have fitted them and pushed them back down into place, it is important that you test your new wiper blades to ensure that they work as they should.

Having fully functioning windscreen wipers is vital, as you never know when rain could fall and your visibility on the roads could be limited. If you are unsure how to fit your wipers after reading this article, contact a professional and ask them to do it for you.

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