Glass Cutting. Can glass be cut on site ?

Cutting glass on site?

Motorway Windscreens Plant Glazing Services can cut glass on site.

This is generally an option on plant machinery and forklifts requiring flat glass

The replacement glass required must be flat and with no holes required


What is the process?

A template is made from either cardboard or the broken glass pane.

Motorway Windscreens transfer the  template onto a sheet of 6.4mm flat laminated glass and using a specialist glass cutter, cut and shape, then fit, all in one visit.

Cut glass can be fitted into a rubber seal or direct glazed into the machine


What is the benefit of on site glass cutting?

This service drastically reduces the wait time as we dont have to wait for a glass delivery

Motorway Windscreens have  a Plant Glazing Department and the Technicians are  trained in this technique

We carry flat laminated glass in the vans minimizing machinery downtime and reducing customer costs.