Does my Windscreen need Repairing or Replacing? [Infographic]


Chips and cracks on a windscreen are not only a nuisance, but they can also impair your vision whilst on the road. Whether it be accidental or intentional, it’s imperative that any damage is assessed by a windscreen professional immediately, as the longer the problem is left unaddressed, the worse it will become.

The size and position of the damage will determine whether your windscreen needs to be repaired or replaced, so take a look at the guide below to find out which course of action you need to take.

Size of the damage

If the size of the chip on your windscreen is smaller than a £2 coin, the damage may be repaired. However, if the chip is bigger than this, or there are a collection of complex cracks, then the entire windscreen will need to be replaced.

Position of the damage

For the chip to be repaired, the distance from the edge of the windscreen needs to be at least 3cm, and any damage closer to the edge than this must be completely replaced.

Other instances where the windscreen will need to be replaced includes damage:

  • on the interior of the windscreen
  • over the driver’s line of vision
  • embedded on both layers of glass

The driver’s line of sight is centred in the middle of the steering wheel area and typically spans 30cm wide. If the driver’s vision is impaired due to a chip or crack in their eyeline, the damage may be repaired if the diameter does not exceed 10mm. If the damage is more than 10mm, the entire windscreen will need to be replaced.

Safety is paramount on the roads, and whilst many drivers take regular and good care of their vehicle, it can be easy to overlook the condition of the windscreen. Although the sudden appearance of a crack or chip on your windscreen may seem minor, in actual fact this can  compromise its overall strength and structural integrity, as well as impairing your vision.

According to the Road Traffic Act, driving a vehicle with a chip or crack in the windscreen is an offence as the vehicle is in a dangerous condition. If you are caught driving a vehicle in this state, you could receive a fixed penalty of three points on your driving licence and a fine. As such, if you notice any type of damage on your windscreen you must have it inspected by a professional as quickly as possible.

A1 Windscreens

With a wealth of industry experience, here at A1 Windscreens we have the skills to quickly identify whether the damage on your windscreen needs to be repaired or replaced, and will carry out the work in line with relevant regulations. We operate a fully mobile service, and can perform roadside windscreen replacements and repairs in emergency situations.

We pride ourselves on our fast response and quality workmanship, ensuring you are safely back on the road in next to no time. To find out more about any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.