Top Windscreen Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your windscreen may not be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, but taking a bit of extra care to make sure it is as clean as possible can improve the look of your vehicle, as well as your ability to see the road clearly when behind the wheel. However, cleaning your windscreen thoroughly can be quite tricky, and this article will run through some tips on how to achieve a sparkling surface in a few simple steps.


Removing excess dirt

The length of time and amount of effort that you need to put in to this aspect is entirely dependent on how dirty your windscreen is.

If you have a particularly dirty windscreen, using water and a soft brush will remove the surface dirt, but the wipers themselves will require a little extra effort to clean up.



For the wipers, use water and a specialist cleaning fluid, or if you don’t have said fluid, mineral spirits, alcohol or even baking soda will suffice.

Make sure that you keep your wiper fluid topped up as often as possible, as this helps maintain a general level of cleanliness that means you will only need to put in a small amount of manual cleaning to give your windscreen the sheen that it needs.


Cleaning and polishing

After you have removed excess dirt and any insects that might have flown into your windscreen, dry it with a towel before using glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to add that shine to the glass.

Use paper towels to remove any left over cleaning fluid, as this will not leave any unsightly streaks.


Cleaning products

There are a whole host of windscreen cleaners that can help protect your windscreen against the elements, reducing the amount of in-depth cleaning you may have to do. Products like rain-repellent are ideal for not only protecting against rainfall, but they also help to stop insects from sticking to the windscreen. If you would like an alternative to the store-bought cleaning products, white vinegar and a clean cloth can also prove to be an effective cleaning solution.

Microfibre cloths are very useful for cleaning as dirt and dust sticks to the material, meaning that often only water is needed to clean the glass. If a microfibre cloth is not available, or if you perhaps aren’t tall enough to reach every part of your windscreen, then there are cleaning products that come with long handles to allow for extra reach.


Inside of the windscreen

While it may not seem like the inside of your windscreen would get particularly dirty, there are certain culprits like sat navs, whose fastening mechanisms can leave marks, as well as the fingerprints that you may inadvertently leave while trying to program the sat nav.

Using a microfibre cloth and cleaning fluid if necessary, wipe the windscreen down and clear up any fluid with paper towels. If both sides of the windscreen are cleaned thoroughly, you will be left with a sparkling, crystal clear windscreen.

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