How to Remove Car Window Stickers

Whether you’ve added a warning sticker such as Baby on Board, a comedy sticker or a parking permit for an event, you’ll know that removing the sticker from your window without leaving any paper or marks on the glass is a very frustrating task. No matter how long you spend picking at the remains of the sticker, it can seem like a lifetime before you finally remove all traces of it. Luckily, this article will detail different methods available to you for the removal of your window stickers.


Before you get to work using solvents, the first thing to remember is to protect other surfaces around the sticker before you apply. Materials like plastic, wood, fabric or painted surfaces require protection from solvents, so cover them with paper and seal the paper with masking tape. Add a solvent to the sticker – solvents such as lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol, methylated spirits or nail polish remover are ideal for this practice. After adding the solvent to the sticker, soak a paper towel in the same solvent and rub it over the sticker. Finally, take a razor blade and carefully scratch the sticker away – as long as you take extra care, it won’t damage the glass.


Oils are also an effective way of removing stickers from your windows. Unlike the aforementioned solvents, they do not require an additional tool like a razor blade to assist with the removal. Remove the glossy layer of the sticker if possible, and then coat the sticker in oil. Once it has soaked in, you should be able to scrub the sticker away.

Citrus air freshener

Any citrus scented air freshener will work with this method. The first step is to scratch away as much as you can with your fingernail, and then spray the remainder from a short distance with the air freshener. Leave the sticker to soak for a little while, and then pour warm water on it or scrub with paper towels and it should disappear from your window.

These simple tips can help remove those unsightly sticker remains from your window without spending time digging away at them with your fingernails. Once you have removed those stickers, your windows or windscreen will be back to looking clean again, and you won’t have had to fork out for professional cleaning products.

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